Sussex Timber Co Terms and Conditions


Although we offer advice and are always here to help, we take no responsibility for customer projects and cutting measurements decided on orders. Customer measurements for orders are the sole responsibility of the customer and are agreed through the ordering process. A non-refundable 50% deposit is taken at the time of order and the balance to be paid before collection or delivery of the product. Although Sussex Timber Co Ltd take every care to ensure accurate cuts, we can only guarantee the product will be within 3mm of the cutting specification. Quotes for orders are valid for a maximum of 30 days. We request that all completed orders are removed from the yard within 2 weeks of completion. We take no responsibility for the product moving, discolouring, cracking or warping after this x2 week period. Airdried timber should be put inside and acclimatised to a dry and warm environment before use. Upon ordering an approximate lead time will be given to the customer and although every effort is made to fulfil this, the completion date is subject to change.


When our firewood leaves the yard the moisture content is at 20% or below.  Once we have delivered the product it is the customers responsibility to store the firewood correctly in well ventilated and dry conditions, off the ground. Any quality control complaints need to be communicated in the first 5 days of receipt.

Deliveries of Logs, Mulch & Woodchip

We will always try to deliver your logs, mulch or woodchip to a safe and convenient location, on or as near to your property, as possible. We can not usually call before delivery. The customer does not need to be present, and we recommend that if the weather is wet, to leave a cover out. If you have any special delivery requirements, please state these upon ordering, as in most cases, we will not be able to return to the property to move the product once delivered.  If we are unsure of where to deposit the logs, mulch or woodchip upon delivery, we will try to contact you and put them where we see fit.

Within the spring and summer months we can deliver woodchip and mulch usually within 48 hours on a week day Monday to Friday once the office is called and the order made. This is providing we have a manageable amount of orders not exceeding our delivering capacity. In the event that we are at maximum capacity or out of stock, a wait for delivery may apply.

Sawmill Products

Any product issues need to be reported to the office within 7 days of receipt of the goods.