Help with Ash dieback in Sussex trees

Over the last few years a threat has been looming over Sussex and the country’s Ash tree population. A disease called Ash dieback has been imported from the continent and is set to wipe out up to 95% of our Ash trees throughout Sussex and the country.

It is a fungal disease that’s air born and can kill small trees in one season. Larger infected trees infected with Ash dieback will take a few years to die. Unfortunately there is no cure for the disease and we are also unlikely to be able to stop the spread.

This will leave a huge hole in the tree population for quite some years. It will also leave millions of dead trees that could become a threat to people and property. If you have concerns that your Ash tree may be suffering from Ash dieback then you should call us now to assess.

We are fully trained to deal with trees that are infected with Ash dieback throughout Sussex and the South East. We are will also be able to fell trees that have the disease safely and responsibly deal with the arisings. If you have roadside trees that may or have become infected then it is your duty as a landowner to have them assessed and dealt with by a qualified tree surgeon. It is key to act before the trees become too far gone and the rot sets in.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Sussex Ash trees and all on this little island can make a come back in the years to come.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly Sussex based tree surgeons for advice at any time.

P.S remember trees have feelings too.

Ash dieback diseased tree image